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From The Desk Of Marcus Clayton,
RE: The Auto List Promoter

Dear Struggling List Builder,

Are You tired of trying to build you opt in list by spending paying 100s of dollars a day on solo ads, Facebook Ads, or Bing Ads?

Hi! My name is Marcus Clayton and I understand your frustration. You see...Like you, I have spent hundreds of dollars on solo ad advertising and pay per click advertising.

Although I was able to build up my list by buying solo ads, I found it a very expensive way to attract new subscribers. When it comes to Facebook advertising, I spent most of my time losing money while I was trying to optimize my ads for maximum conversions.

That being said...Spending hundreds of dollars a day in advertising was probably the best thing to ever happen to me.

You see...My frustration with the expense of the ads led me to fine an alternative!

And after of months of testing and tweaking, I came up with a totally automatic way to build my opt in list for free!

I call this method the "Auto List Promoter"!

What The Auto List Promoter Is Not!


  1. It's not illegal or unethical!
  2. It's not spam!
  3. It does not require any special software!
  4. It does not require you to buy leads!
  5. It's not buying solo ads!
  6. It's not adswapping!
  7. It's not click banking!
  8. It's not by doing  Joint Ventures!
  9. In fact...It's not something you have ever heard of before!

What Is The Auto List Promoter?

I don't want to ruin the surprise by detailing exactly what the Auto List Promoter is, but I will tease you a little by telling you what you will learn when you claim your membership. Note: We are only accepting 500 members.

When you join the Auto List Promoter and login to our members only area you will have 100% free access to the follwing traing modules....

Module 1: Getting Set Up For Success - In this module you will be introduced to several free programs that you will need to join. These programs are going to be the bases of the system because they will provided you with a quick boost of 100% free traffic as well as long term  automatic promotion of your optin list.

Module 2: Set And Forget List Promotion - In this module you will learn the exact set and forget method you can use to make sure that everyone who subscribes to your optin, drives free traffic to your squeeze page for free! Note: This is not click banking or ad swaps.

Module 3: Auto Pilot Free Traffic - In this module you will submit your ads to 4 places that will send you auto pilot free traffic..for free!

Module 4: Set And Forget Instant FREE Advertising -In this module you will discover 3 sites that you can get to  promote your list to thousands everyday...For FREE!

Module 5: Get Free Traffic From Other People's List On Complete Auto-Pilot -In this module you will discover the new free way to get your squeeze pages promoted in thousands of other list owners list for free.

Note: No. This is not ad swapping or click banking. It's even better because it does not require you to go out and find swap partners or click banking partners. You are going to love this method!

When you combine the training from the 5 modules together by follwing my simple instructions, you will have created an automated system the promotes your opt in list on complete auto pilot 24 hours a day...For FREE!


How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

It's not going to cost you anything!

I giving 500 lucky people 100% access to all this training for FREE!


Well...It's very simple!

I am going to eventually start selling memberships to the Auto List Promoter for $47! To justify this price, I feel that I need real testimonials from real users of the system.

So, by allowing 500 people to learn and use the system for free, I can gather several testimonials and make even more money in the long run!

It's a win-win proposition! In exchange for letting you become a member for free, I only request that you submit a real testimonail detailing how the Auto List Promoter has helped you build your list on complete auto pilot!

So...Are you In?

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